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Indoor Golf Whitby

For an immersive golf and endless thrills, call us at

Explore Mulligans Indoor Golf in Whitby for immersive indoor golf, featuring cutting-edge simulators and expertly designed virtual courses.

Unleash Your Inner Pro

Ever dreamt of becoming the next Tiger Woods? At Mulligans Indoor Golf, that dream's within reach!

Embrace an indoor golf haven where, rain or shine, your golf practice can take place uninterrupted. Our facility offers the ultimate opportunity to refine your skills, featuring top-notch simulators that transform practice into an immersive experience.

With cutting-edge technology and a range of virtual courses, honing your game has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Escape weather limitations and perfect your swing at Mulligans Indoor Golf for a chance to unleash your inner golf pro!

Escape weather limitations with our indoor golf

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Precision in Every Swing

In golf, accuracy is everything. And, at Mulligans Indoor Golf, precision is our game! 

Our cutting-edge Golfzon TwoVision simulator raises the bar, delivering an unparalleled level of accuracy that mirrors a real course experience.

With advanced sensor angles ensuring optimal data capture, every swing, every shot is replicated with incredible precision. 

The incorporation of state-of-the-art technology within our simulators ensures that your indoor golfing adventure is as close to the real thing as it gets.

Experience the utmost accuracy in every swing at Mulligans Indoor Golf -where realism meets exceptional gameplay.

As close to the real thing as it gets

Indoor Golf Whitby

For an immersive golf and endless thrills